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It is Our Job to Help You

About ADN Healthcare

Our family-owned and operated agency has earned a reputation for providing in-demand, advanced care healthcare professionals in much needed positions all over the country. Our reputation and in-depth industry knowledge allows us access to exclusive job opportunities nationwide. We’ve established our position as a leader in the healthcare staffing industry by providing our clients with highly-skilled, healthcare professionals that are in the top 15% of their profession.

Why choose ADN

We have experience – tons of it! Our ownership team has over 35 years of combined healthcare staffing experience, and it shows!  Our expertise has provided us with the opportunity to develop and implement organizational metrics defining performance expectations that exceed client facility expectations – positioning us as a Tier 1 candidate provider.

Our process

We target Healthcare Professionals that are in the top 15% of their profession. ADN has developed an innovative 7-Step Performance Recruitment System which filters for candidate and client success. This process allows ADN to maintain an exceptionally high offer acceptance rate. 

Our obligation

Just as you strive to keep your patients from being readmitted to your facility, our job is to help our clients retain highly-skilled, valuable advanced care professionals. Both our candidates and clients have a head start because our 7-Step Recruitment System guarantees an 80% certainty that a placement can be made prior to scheduling a final interview based on intrinsic motivations and workplace culture desires of the healthcare professionals we represent.

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

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