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Sun, Scrubs, and Success: Maximizing Your Summer Travel Nursing Assignments

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Summer is exciting; it is the perfect time for many nurses to take on a travel assignment. New locations and adventures are alluring and can create unique opportunities for nurses to grow professionally and personally. However, as a nurse, you must balance the demands of nursing with your desire to experience new things and meet new people. With a few strategies, you can maximize your summer travel nursing assignments.

Workload Management

Exploring new places is exciting but also presents challenges in quickly adapting to different healthcare settings. So, it is essential to stay organized. Try to keep a planner or a digital calendar to track shifts and commitments. Prioritize your self-care during this time of long shifts and new routines. Ensure you get adequate rest, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Also, consider using nursing apps for medical references, drug databases, and shift reminders to save time while reducing stress levels.

Exploring Local Attractions

Exploring new places is a top reason for taking a travel assignment as a nurse. Make the most of your stay with these tips:

  • Research. Before you arrive at your destination, do your research. Check out all the local attractions, events, and cuisine. Websites and regional tourism boards provide valuable insights.
  • Connect. Connect with locals to get tips on the best places to visit. Social media groups and forums are a great starting point, and colleagues and patients are another source of information.
  • Plan. Days off allow you to explore the nearby attractions, so list the must-see places and experiences.

Work-Life Balance

Nursing is demanding, so balancing work and personal time is critical. Set boundaries by clearly defining work hours and personal time and communicating them to supervisors. Allocate specific times for relaxation and activities that help you unwind.

Being away from home can be difficult. The support of your family and friends is a great morale booster, so keep in touch with them through calls, video chats, and social media.


A travel assignment is ideal for expanding your network and learning from different healthcare environments. Here are a few ideas for learning opportunities to consider this summer:

  • Local healthcare events. While at your new location, check out seminars, workshops, and networking events. These experiences provide opportunities to learn and connect with other healthcare professionals.
  • Professional organizations. Membership in nursing organizations provides access to resources, support, and networking opportunities.
  • Learn from each assignment. Every assignment is a chance to learn new skills and adapt to different healthcare systems.

Enjoy Yourself

Travel nursing this summer can give you professional growth and personal adventure. Embrace the new experiences and cherish the memories!

Maximizing your summer travel nursing assignments means managing your workload, exploring new places, continuous learning, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It also means partnering with a healthcare staffing agency specializing in travel nursing. ADN Healthcare is committed to connecting talented candidates with rewarding travel assignments. Let them help you build your nursing career while you explore new places.

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